Update Complex Numbers Test

I’m currently updating the Complex Number Exercise according to the Issue 775.
In the Programm Specifications there are some new test that are not there. These tests are about adding a scalar to the complex number (c + 5) and adding a complex number to a scalar (5 + c).
My question now is what would be the better way for this? Overloading of the arithmetic operators but this time as a free friend function like this:

friend Complex operator+(const Complex& complex_number, double scalar);
friend Complex operator+(double scalar, const Complex& complex_number);

or should we stick with the already existing operator overloads and provide a conversion constructor for converting the scalar into an Complex Number with only the real part set?

Isn’t that part of the decisions that students can make when they solve the exercise? How does that affect the tests?

okay yes that makes sense.

i have finished the changes and a PR could be created.