Update GitHub issue template to warn users new issues are being auto-closed?

I just spent fifteen minutes writing up a feature suggestion on GitHub only to be told by the bot “We’re auto-closing issues for now. Try the forums.”

So, I dutifully filed a new forum post.

I suggest updating the GitHub issue template to have that warning and a pointer to the forum, to help people avoid the annoying surprise I just experienced.

If you open a PR to change the template and then ping me, I will re-open that PR so we can merge it.

It’s a good idea.

Can I sign out of that auto-closing thing? I happen to want people to submit PRs for 8th and (open)euphoria at least.

@NateEag I am a bit confused.

Below is the text that’s used in the Python repo, and it has a link that should automatically create a post in the forum from the issue logged on GitHub.

This was added with the intent of having the forum post serve as discussion, and once the discussion was concluded, the closed issue could be reopened by maintainers or staff. So logging issues in GH is not a waste of time, rather a parallel, since issues that originate in the forum would (once agreed on) either result in a PR or a pending issue in GH.

Hello. Thanks for opening an issue on Exercism. We are currently in a phase of our journey where we have paused community contributions to allow us to take a breather and redesign our community model. You can learn more in this blog post. As such, all issues and PRs in this repository are being automatically closed.

That doesn’t mean we’re not interested in your ideas, or that if you’re stuck on something we don’t want to help. The best place to discuss things is with our community on the Exercism Community Forum. You can use this link to copy this into a new topic there.

Note: If this issue has been pre-approved, please link back to this issue on the forum thread and a maintainer or staff member will reopen it.

That message appears only after the new issues has been opened (and then closed). @NateEag is requesting that issue-openers be warned when starting to write a new issue, rather than only after having finished writing it.

Here you go:

I mashed together the auto-close comment and the previous PR template - if anyone wants wording tweaks, let me know (or hack it up yourself :smile: )

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