Update introduction.md - Annalyns Infiltration

Noticed a misspelling in the Boolean introduction.

What is the misspelling?

Perhaps OP means “signaling” - which is valid US English, and would be fine except that the same line uses the (predominantly) British “signalled”. I suppose this could be consistent.

Apart from that, the English of this exercise could do with some improvement. In the above SS, “as archers are trained in bird signaling so they could intercept the message”.

Task 4:

The function returns true if the prisoner can be freed based on the state of the three characters and Annalyn’s pet dog presence. Otherwise, it returns false

Should be Annalyn’s pet dog’s.

You have four tasks: to implement the logic for determining if the above actions are available based on the state of the three characters found in the forest and whether Annalyn’s pet dog is present or not.

Reads badly, we’d use “four” plus semicolon before a list of four tasks, not a description of the tasks totally.

In the four tasks, one of them is (seemingly without any need) emphasized (italics).

In a quick overview, I found these, and there would probably be other ones - but I doubt any of these are significantly important to remit a PR now. I’d still say we should change them to reflect high standards, but I want to make it clear that I’m not endorsing or asking for these changes. Merely listing.

The PR is here, and it has already been merged

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Sorry for the confusion - I thought the PR was automatically linked when I created the thread. Thanks @tasx for adding it below.

FWIW, we never meant to pause contributions for the Clojure track, because I like contributions :grinning:

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You should have the power to un-pause them. Apparently it’s in some config file in your repo.

Edit 1: found it – clojure/.github/workflows/pause-community-contributions.yml at main · exercism/clojure · GitHub

Edit 2: I thought I remembered someone explaining how to reopen a track to community contributions, but right now the only thing I can find is