Update ranges about.md


One of the examples for beginless ranges says the following:

"Hello World"[..5] # => "Hello"

but the correct output is "Hello ".

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I see it. If you would like to make the correction, I will re-open the PR and bring it in.

By the way, that would be the correct evaluation not output. Just to note.

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@siyana-plachkova Thanks! I’m not sure what @kotp was waiting on, but I’ve merged it as I was in that neck of the woods :slight_smile:

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Yes, you’re right, it’s evaluation, not output, my bad.

I am so sorry. Such poor communication on my part. I meant that I see the problem in the code that you were stating.

Again, not realizing that there was already a PR open, I meant the one that I was asking for you to create, as there was nothing mentioning that it was already done, only noticed. So again, I was not clear in stating that “the PR” was an upcoming one, since I did not realize from the message I was responding to, that it really was saying that the change was already made.

So, these are the things I was waiting on. I did not pick up on the communication here that the change already existed, unfortunately.

Thank you!

And thank you @siyana-plachkova for doing the work to make that happen and reporting it!

For reference, so people do not have to search around: Update about.md by siyana-plachkova · Pull Request #1671 · exercism/ruby · GitHub

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