Updated community contributions guidelines

Hello :slight_smile:

After nearly a year of closing community contributions, I’m reopening contributions and posting some new guidelines.

Since we paused new community contributions, we’ve seen the amount of exercises added double, launched 5 new syllabuses (rather than one in the previous period), and achieved a ton of other stuff. Erik and I have definitely been lots more productive too. So I feel like the experiment of freeing maintainers to make bigger improvements has worked really well, but I also feel that we’re currently not being welcoming enough to people that do want to help.

The main change is us saying that we’ll welcome PRs, but only if they’re pre-approved here. That’s been the implicit behaviour for the last few months and it’s worked well. However, our messaging is still very “negative” about guidelines, which I think isn’t representing our actual attitude. So I hope these updates bring things more in line with the situation we’re in.

I’ve posted a new blog post, updated the old one with a link, and we’ve updated the auto-responder

I hope this next phase will see the same freedom maintainers have enjoyed while also encouraging dedicated contributors to get involved. Let’s see what happens! :slight_smile: