Updating the OCaml test runner

I’ve been taking a look at updating the OCaml test runner at least up to v2. I know PRs are auto-closing and the track is marked as unmaintained. Do I send a PR and then a message here in the forums? If I have questions about the runner, how can I ask them?

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Hey @tautologico - thanks for reaching out.

You can read a bit about why we paused contributions for a couple months here :arrow_right:Freeing our maintainers

If you’d like to consider maintaining the track in order to then we can explore that as an option but at this point, the current maintainers opted to close contributions.

@ErikSchierboom @iHiD please can you add any input from your side? Thanks!

Hi @tautologico - thanks for the message! For a big autonomous improvement like improving the test runner, we’d happily accept a pull request.

If you want to have a conversation on Upgrade to version 2 spec · Issue #13 · exercism/ocaml-test-runner · GitHub with @ErikSchierboom, he can answer your questions there. You can also ask here if you prefer, but the noise-to-signal ratio is probably better for Erik on that issue :)

Once you’ve made some reasonable contribution to the ocaml track, we’d happily also add you to the org and then your PRs/issues will no longer auto-close.

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