Upgrade PHP test runner to use PHP 8.2+?

Would it be possible to update the PHP test runner to use 8.2? Differences in that version cause at least one locally-correct solution to be treated as incorrect by Exercism upon upload.

I’ve found that PHP is an especially problematic language for version mismatches between the track infrastructure and your local workspace, because many times full compatibility is not possible.
It’s unfortunate, but if you are using a different PHP version locally, I’d suggest you use the online editor.

There’s one good thing about this annoyance imho: I feel like PHP has reliably been going in a good direction for at least 10 years, so at least the trip ups are worth something :slight_smile:

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I know it requires maintenance, but I would always suggest to run tests also on exercism against the newest version.

PHP doesn’t have the best reputation in general, and teaching people the older syntaxes etc. is not helping the community.

I find the PHP track, could be better in general, forcing more types etc, to show the strength that PHP comes with too, not the “looseness” that it also brings if you want.

I would prefer showing people have PHP is done right, not how it “can” be done.

The PHP test runner is already running on PHP8.2 since about 8 months. The track itself supports PHP8.0 to 8.2 until someone finds the time to ensure all exercises and infrastructure can be fixed asap when raising the version to PHP8.3 (or maybe 8.4 then).