Upgrade to exercism 3.1 failing due to read-only system folders

We were not able to upgrade the cli because we encountered an error:
open /snap/exercism/5/.exercism.new: read-only file system

Should I chmod on /snap/exercism/5/.exercism.new??

The website should have install guides for installing the CLI without using snap. The exercism cli via snap isn’t very well maintained and isn’t encouraged.

That qualifies as a non-answer. Perhaps you could actually answer the question, please?

@isaacG failing an answer to my question, Once I get through the mess of uninstalling and reinstalling the CLI, what would it take for me to maintain the option of installing it via snap. My training is that if I am having a problem, others are too and perhaps they won’t ask for help, they will just walk away. I assume we both want more people to join the community and not the other way right?

chmod is not going to change the file system to not be read-only, if it is indeed the file system that is set to that. I would strongly discourage changing this.

Instead, we would encourage you to instead install another way.

I prefer to either compile the executable, or take advantage of the work of others, and use the precompiled binary provided for the architecture.

Place that exercism executable in your path, probably ~/bin/, and then do the configuration steps as indicated in the walkthrough.

I am sorry you have not figured out an answer to your question, yet. Glad to see you are working on it though!

Others are having problems with it, and it is being reported. This is why we discourage its use.

But if you would like to become the maintainer for the Snap package, that is awesome!. I will have some further information coming in shortly on where to start for that.

Update: this issue should get you some history.

If you want to use snap, the snap package needs to be maintained. If you’re interested in becoming a package maintainer, that would be swell!

Well, it is an answer. Snap isn’t a supported installation method, so you’re therefore not going to get much support for it. It’s both useful for you to know that it’s not supported and to know supported versions are available.

In future, please take a moment to pause and realise someone is being considerate in helping you with a piece of software you’re getting for free, and take the time to acknowledge that politely before continuing the conversation, rather than being rude to them. Thank you.

Well, if it’s not supported then this should be changed…

Ps: I agree with the idea of a quick deprecation!

@ErikSchierboom Could you remove Snap from GitHub - exercism/interactive-cli-walkthrough (you might like to defer this to @dem4ron, but he’ll probably need showing how!)

The instructions are now updated. Thanks for pointing that out @nobbz and for sorting it, @ErikSchierboom.

(Remove snap from walkthrough by ErikSchierboom · Pull Request #2233 · exercism/website-copy · GitHub)

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