Use Verbose Unit Testing for Comprehensive Testing Summary

Sorry for that. I finally realized that PR should be discussed in the forum before jumping into codes.

The original PR is here: Use Verbose Unit Testing for Comprehensive Testing Summary


This pull request proposes enhancing the unit testing verbosity to provide a more comprehensive testing summary, which is particularly beneficial for CLI users. Here, I modified a single file to demo the result.

Changes Made:

  • Modified exercises/practice/pangram/runtests.jl to implement verbose unit testing.
  • Nesting was introduced in unit tests to enhance readability and organization.
  • Improved output format for better comprehension of test results.


Before (Previous Testing Output):

After (Enhanced Verbose Testing Output):

Proposed Benefit:

It enhanced the readability and comprehensibility of testing output, especially for CLI users.

Future Scope:

If this proposal is accepted, I plan to modify the other practices’ unit testing further.

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I really like this! It is a great improvement in readability and the total accounting for all tests is a bonus.

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Then, should I continue this work and commit to the same pull request?
Or should I move on more and then open another pull request?

Let me think about this for a bit!

Okay, we definitely think this is an improved, I just have to make sure that the test runner can deal with the new format, otherwise it might break that.

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@yctai1994 It looks like this should be working. There is an explicit test for nested testsets in the test runner: The only downside is that the name of every test will be prefixed with the top level testset’s name (e.g. pangram » <test name>), but I think the benefits outweigh the downsides.