User displayed as ExercismGhost inside mentoring discussion

There are two mentoring requests by RoelofWobben on the Clojure track, but when viewing the requests, I see them as ExercismGhost. Their profile is still active with published solutions in other tracks as recently as yesterday. I suspect that maybe they left the Clojure track, but in that case, wouldn’t any active mentoring requests be ended as well?

@ErikSchierboom Could you take a look pls?

I’ve dug into this a bit, and what happened is:

  • roelofwobben joined the Clojure track
  • He solves some exercises
  • He created some requests (including the above-mentioned ones)
  • He left the track with the “Reset” option
    • Leaving with the reset option will assign the ghost user to all their solutions. The requests are left untouched though
  • When viewing the mentoring request, it’s student field is still set to roelofwobben, but the solution’s user is the ghost user. And as the solution’s user is used to display the student name, the ghost user is displayed

@iHiD Do we want to remove any pending mentoring requests when resetting a track?

Yes please.

PR opened: Remove pending and cancelled mentoring requests when resetting track by ErikSchierboom · Pull Request #6365 · exercism/website · GitHub