Using a concept before teaching it

For the C++ track, fairly in the beginning, there is an exercise about raindrops. It was a headache for someone as a beginner to try to work it out because it is using header file which has not been discussed before (only that we can #include something if we want, not a mention of header). Am I missing something or is it just bad?

The raindrop exercise is on the Practice side of things, while you may benefit from switching to the Learning mode.

The Raindrops exercise is in the practice side of things, and this side of things is less “hand holding” than the concept side would be.

The concept exercises are:

exercise exercise exercise exercise
doctor-data freelancer-rates last-will pacman-rules
election-day interest-is-interesting log-levels troll-the-trolls
ellens-alien-game lasagna making-the-grade vehicle-purchase

I hope that helps. The first exercise shown above is the one that teaches the concept of headers. (Thanks @glaxxie )

Thanks for the explanation. Although I am in the learning mode, it was visible to me. It would be nice to see it locked until one learns the Header concept. But I agree and appreciate the help. Now it makes sense.

This is at the far end of the learning tree, far away from the raindrops exercise. Hence why I found it confusing. Thank you very much.