Vim and Python plugins

Anyone here uses vim for coding in Python?
What plugins you use to get autocompletion, member list and other helpers?

I do, but have not installed anything in regards to plugins for that, I think because Vim supports Python as a configuration option, it can do much of the necessary things built in.

However vim plugins for python development at DuckDuckGo turns out some interesting views on this.

Hi, currently I’m using jedi-vim extension, works quite well however I have some issue which irritates me.
I was wondering what are experiences of other people after using vim for python development for some time.

I didn’t know vim has python support built-in except syntax highlighting, how to turn this support on?

Compile Vim with Python support.

There are some packages that come with python support as well. Your favorite search engine is going to be your friend, but also the vim repository has good documentation.

For example, the install document has a section for specifically obtaining python support being compiled in.

Thanks for the answer. I wasn’t aware I can recompile vim to get more features.
I find parts where you mention search engines unnecessary.

I find parts where you mention search engines unnecessary.

It is not necessary, of course. But it may be that a quick search will find a precompiled version of Vim, such as vim-nox or vim-athena or vim-gtk or vim-gnome, etc., that may have the features you want already, without needing to compile. And I am not sure that the documentation will mention those things. So searching for “vim with python3 support precompiled” may give a more comprehensive answer than I provided.

Of course, this explanation of why I would mention searching is also probably not necessary. I hope it is helpful, though.