Vim in web editor? [Feature Request]

Hello! I was wondering if it would be possible to add Vim keybindings/motions to the roadmap for the web editor? Also, I would be happy to contribute to this feature if possible. Thanks!

I am not saying that it would not be good to have. But there are “text
area” plugins that can give you this.

However, editing in any online code web area is never as comfortable as
using your own editor locally. Copy and paste your entries to the text
area is what I generally do, rather than relying on some functionality
of an editor on the web.

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While there can never be a substitute for one’s favorite text editor, improving the in-browser experience is a big priority IMO.

I haven’t even really mentioned this yet, but I’m planning on prototyping similar features for the Clojure track, namely inline evaluation and structural editing/navigation.

Most of the work has already been done for me by Nextjournal’s Clojure-mode for Codemirror 6.

I imagine that once I successfully wire this up, it would be relatively trivial to experiment with other features, like VIM bindings.

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