[wasm/circular-buffer] Concerns regarding circular buffer exercise

I was updating outdated exercise, and this exercise has failed out of sudden after update.

It seems that fix: Validate Circular Buffer Capacity by bushidocodes · Pull Request #91 · exercism/wasm (github.com) changes specification of this problem significantly, and I can assume almost all previous submissions became invalid.

  1. The maximum capacity of the buffer is increased from 1024 to 65536. This fact was described on comment on stub code, not on the problem description. I have to enter github why it goes wrong.

  2. New specification forces to export implementation details, and then the test asserts it, i.e. how to manage internal memory. It seems that they want to introduce memory management feature of WASM (i.e. memory.size and memory.grow instruction). If they want to do this, it should be described in problem description explicitly, not “hints”. Moreover, I can’t even access hints without searching github.

We should add an instructions.append.md that mentions the memory management expectations.

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The hints do appear in the web editor, in the “Get Help” tab which is probably hidden away on the right.