Weekly community call

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@iHiD Hope you feel better soon. :crossed_fingers:

My thoughts regarding the community calls:

Because of the current situation with community contributions and the shifted focus of the Exercism staff, I don’t think there will be many updates related to the Exercism tracks. Maintainers rarely have track updates even before the changes re contributing.

That leaves two main themes for the call, the new volunteering model and the “learn-to-code” effort, at least for the next 6 month. Overall, I liked the model we had at some point with annoucing topics you (or others) want to discuss beforehand and then focussing on those. Whether there are topics in the 2 areas that make sense to discuss in the typical community call round would be up to you to decide.
If the call would be about you giving a status update for an hour than a vlog might be a better format. If it would be mainly about socializing than some game night format might be better suited.

In any case, it might make sense to reduce the frequency of the calls for the next couple of month to save you and the people joining the call some time and energy. That might also give more room to pick and announce the topics in advance so that there can be a fruitful discussion.


Are these calls suspended until further notice then? Noticed no one is joining today (Jan 13th) …

Well, I tried to join. But the host did not, so the rest of us were maybe sitting there attempting to join?

Hopefully Jeremy is still alive, and hopefully doing better. I have not heard. (Last indication he was at least lightly kicking about 6 hours ago.) :crossed_fingers:

Sorry, it seems @jonathanmiddleton and I had a mix up about who was posting here. I wasn’t around today but there will likely be one next week. Sorry again!

If the call is not announced my default is that it’s not happening.

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I tend to connect and listen for the connect, rather than spend the extra step of checking for the announcement. But I monitor for cancellations so I can remove the calendar entry if it is not going to happen, to try to avoid notifications that may be going out and it is known it is not going to happen.

There will be a call this week (Jan 20th) at the normal time of 5.30pm UTC :slightly_smiling_face:


Agreed. Although I also want to be doing more community stuff this year (e.g. #12in23), so there will probably be more focus on that, rather than on building, which we can discuss too.

Yeah, I agree. I found those useful too.

Yes, I know Jonathan is planning this seperately.

Agree again. Let’s discuss on the call today and see what people think a nice frequency is.

Thanks for all the feedback!


(deleted the post before bc I responded to the wrong post)

I’m getting

This content isn’t available
Ask the organizer if the content still exists or if you need special access to it.

Is this a problem on my end? Is the recording only available for a certain time?

Hi everyone,

I enjoyed seeing lots of you last week.

There will NOT be a community call this week (27th Jan). I have a very busy Friday and I think it’ll be too much talking for one day!

I’ll be taking some time with Jonathan to work out the structure moving forward :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, normally 2 weeks after a recording by default.

Last week’s call is here: GoTo Meeting Transcripts

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There will be a call this week (Feb 3rd) at the normal time of 5.30pm UTC :slightly_smiling_face:

It’ll be focussed on Functional February and #12in23!


Just to make sure I understand correctly… The call will start in a bit less than 2 hours?

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No. I meant tomorrow (normal time). Sorry! I’ve updated it.

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Hi everyone,

I’m going to take the evening off later so there’s no weekly call. I’ve got time aside on Monday to consider what these look like moving forward so will hopefully have some clarity soon.

If you’ve not watched the José interview, that’s a fun thing to do instead! Interview and AMA with José Valim - Creator of Elixir - YouTube


Hey everyone. No call today (Feb 17th) but there will be one next Friday (24th), during which we’ll be discussing the Exercism Insiders idea in more detail (I’ll write a forum post up for this by then) and the future of these weekly calls and how they evolve (which I’ll also try to draft some ideas for so you have time to consider).

Have a great weekend everyone :slight_smile:

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Reminder that we’re chatting today at 5.30pm UTC and we use GoToMeeting to host the call: GoTo - Jeremy Walker


Sorry to have missed it today. Please let us know when a recording becomes available.