Weekly community call

Missed you, @glennj! Here’s the recording: GoTo Meeting Transcripts

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Hi Everyone, short reminder that there is no community call this evening!

Have a wonderful weekend! :raised_hands:

There is a call tomorrow (March 17th). There is not one the week after.


Hi everyone, just a reminder that there is NO COMMUNITY CALL today.

See you soon!

This week the interview with Bjarne will be instead of the community call: Interview and AMA with Bjarne Stroustrup - Creator of C++ - YouTube

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We’ll be having a call tomorrow at 16:30 UTC but it will be Discord in the #stage channel.


Are recordings of the Discord community calls made available? I didn’t have much success with last week’s call (connection limits, no audio when I did get in) and the timing probably won’t work for me this week.

I don’t know if Discord provides recordings, but I’ll look into it.

The connection limits should be fixed for next time. For the audio issues, a couple of people had the issue that Discord had the wrong speaker set up (for me, it set my mic as my speaker), which caused that pain.

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Discord does not provide recording options, you could perhaps use a bot that servers that purpose though.

Thanks @Meatball. Any ideas on a specific bot that does this?

(cc @IsaacG as the creator of all the Discord Bots!)

This bot records audio, Craig.

Could be some privacy concerns though.
The simplest would just be to bring up obs and hit record, but I guess there could be some legal concerns, where I live so are recordings laws not that strict but it could differ in other countries.

There’s a call this week (April 28th): Exercism

There’s a call this week (May 12th): Exercism

Hi everyone, no community call this week (may 19). Have a great weekend!