What are your favorite podcasts?

I listen to a lot of podcasts. I have a few news related podcasts that do daily round ups (NYTimes, Washington Post) and a daily deep dive (Up First). I’m a big fan of The Skeptics Guide to the Universe for a science based review of need items. I also enjoy D&D podcasts for entertainment (Dungeons and Daddies). Software Engineering Radio occasionally has an interview on a topic that catches my attention.

What do you listen to?


In no particular order…

The Memory Palace, a pretty unique podcast about a person or event in history. Nate DiMeo is very vivid in his descriptions.

Hanselminutes, a podcast where Scott Hanselman from Microsoft has discussions with a lot of diverse folks about coding and other topics.

GoTime, the podcast by the Go community for the Go community with lots of different guests.

Any podcast from Crooked (Lovett or Leave It, Hysteria, Offline, and Takeline in general are on heavy rotation)

VerySpatial is a long-running discussion podcast about geospatial topics. It’s been around for about ten years now.

CRM Archaeology is another industry-specific podcast I listen to alongside VerySpatial.

My final recommendation is Nothing Much Happens, a podcast to help you fall asleep. Works every time I have insomnia like a charm.


My current favorites are “Untitled Case” from Salmon Podcast, and “People You May Know” from Farose Podcast.

Untitled Case is mysteries, sort of. They talk about true crime, urban legends, cults, conspiracy theories, and other weirdness. The two hosts are smart and funny and down-to-earth, have great chemistry, and (importantly) are not sensationalist at all.

People You May Know is about historical figures that you’ve probably heard of, but that most people don’t actually know all that much about. The podcast host brings in a new guest to talk about each historical figure, and it never feels like a lecture. The guests are knowledgable and engaged, and it feels almost personal.

I also sometimes listen to WiTcast (not WIT Cast, nor WITCast, both of which exist and are completely different). It’s a science podcast by a bunch of nerds that like sitting around and chit chatting about science stuff.


There are a few podcasts that I dip into from time to time::

  • Bari Weiss’s “Honestly” often goes where no others dare.
  • Similarly Mike Rowe’s “The Way I Heard It”

But my mainstays at this point in the proceedings are:

I just have to say the wan show Linus Tech Tips - YouTube. They do a good job covering the tech news for the week and add some hot takes.

I love podcasts! My favorite podcasts are a mixture of history and sports.


  • The Rest is History by Tom Holland and Dominic Sandbrook. Two eminent popular historians (I’m a huge fan of Tom Holland’s books) discuss a wide variety of historical topics, ranging from ancient to modern history. They have great chemistry and quite a lot of humor.
  • Real Dictators by Paul McGann. This podcast dives into the lives of notorious dictators, including their lives before they became dictators. Both chilling and fascinating.
  • Fall of Civilizations by Paul Cooper. A slow-paced, deep-dive into the story of collapse of various civilizations.


  • Around the NFL by Gregg Rosenthal, Marc Sessler and Dan Hanzus. Whilst in lockdown, I decided I wanted to explore a new sport and for that I chose American Football. This podcast has introduced me to the world of American Football and I’ve learnt tons from it. The hosts have great chemistry (the show has been running for a decade) and a good amount of humor.
  • Book of Basketball 2.0 by Bill Simmons. Having loved reading Bill Simmons’ The Book of Basketball, these podcasts continue in the same vein, examining the careers of famous basketball players. Bill has a keen understanding of basketball history and his passion for the sport really comes across.
  • The Ryan Russillo podcast by Ryan Russillo: one of my favorite sports podcasters, Ryan covers both the NBA and the NFL well, whilst regularly having interesting guests.

“DataFramed” by DataCamp,
“The React Show” by Owl Creek Studios &
“The Tolkien Professor” by Corey Olsen

Full nerd here, embracing it whole :grin:

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@mgastonportillo Welcome to the forum! The Tolkien Professor sounds cool - I’ll check that out.
@ErikSchierboom I’m going to be all over The Rest is History too!

WiTcast (not WIT Cast, nor WITCast, both of which exist and are completely different)

@kytrinyx :grin:

Hey @IsaacG - great topic, thanks for posting. I enjoy a range of podcasts although I often put a podcast on in the background while doing something else. Nevertheless, I enjoy some of the following podcasts:

  • Huberman Lab - it’s all about neuroscience and how our brains work.
  • The Real Science of Sport - a podcast that operates in my local office building but they also come up with fascinating content.
  • The Ancients - ancient history
  • The Naked Bible - really fascinating insight into the original Hebrew and Greek of the Bible.

Those are some of my regular listens!


I like a mix of podcasts but I will admit to enjoying true crime podcasts a lot.

Real Crime Profile - has a huge back catalogue, tells stories in a way that honours the victims (rather than drawing attention to the perpetrators of crimes) and does an amazing job of raising the profile of domestic abuse, including coercive control.

Real Dictators - stunning series telling the stories of dictators, their backgrounds, how they rose to power and the horror of their violence on their fellow country people. It’s a real learn-from-history job.

Cautionary Tales - by Tim Harford. It’s full of amazing stories of mistakes that people have made and what can be learned from those mistakes. He is a natural and compelling story teller. Plus he loves data.

Dirty John Another Wondery production, telling the tale of how smart and successful women were conned by a serial con man. It stirs up all sorts of emotions as you listen, most of all relief that my life has been sheltered and I haven’t met anyone so awful.


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The Skeptics Guide to the Universe - A podcast dedicated to promoting critical thinking and science literacy

@jonathanmiddleton Huge fan of the Huberman podcast as well. There’s some really useful and actionable information in it.


@googoogoo funny you say that…I’ve got it down as one to start to listen to over the Christmas holidays!

Huberman himself appears to be an interesting person. I first found out about him through this episode of the Tim Ferris show (in case you manage to find some free time over the holidays :evergreen_tree:):

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Oh hey I want to jump in on this topic!

[Welcome to Night Vale] is Eldritch Horror meets Local Radio. I love the vibe of the podcast, it’s absolutely enchanting to listen to the story of.

Myths and Lends A podcast in which the narrator reads the true stories of different myths and legends, going into deep folklore and mythology spanning across the globe, and always ending each episode with a little bite-sized Creature of the Week to break up a long story. I’ve been a Greek Myth fan since middle school, this is perfect for me.

Code Newbie Listening to this more recently, Code Newbie is a supportive community of people talking what it’s like to code. I’m not far into it, but the show notes of some of these episodes, and the praise in it, is what led me to exercism in the first place.

(I’d link to Welcome to Night Vale, but I’m a new user-)


In no particular order:

  • Ruby For All
  • Remote Ruby
  • Ruby Roges
  • The Bike Shed
  • The Ruby on Rails Podcast
  • code with jason
  • Huberman Lab (Andrew Huberman)
  • Elixir Mix
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These are my desert island picks:

  • The Ancient World (Scott Chesworth)
  • The History of Egypt (Dominic Perry)
  • Chapo Trap House
  • QAnon Anonymous
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I stumbled upon the Worst Practices podcast in my twitter feed today. It’s a very enjoyable interview podcast with ~5 minutes long episodes in which programmers talk about the worst programming habits they practice.


My favourite is probably Syntax.FM. It’s a podcast about web development. The hosts do a fair job of entertaining the listeners whilst at the same time providing useful information and news about all things web. You can also learn totally random things there, cuz they do Sick Picks at the end of every episode, which is basically recommending any product they like at the moment.

Many thanks @ErikSchierboom, I found “The Rest is History” super-interesting and eye-opening!

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