What are your favorite YouTube channels?

One of my favorite pastimes is watching videos on YouTube. There is so much great content out there that one can could spend a lifetime just watching videos (not saying you should, but you could!).

I’m wondering what your favorite YouTube channels are? Note that I’m not necessarily referring to programming-related channels, it could be any YouTube channel.

Here are some of my favorite channels:

  • Undecided with Matt Ferrell: Matt goes into the latest advances in engineering, with a focus on renewables.
  • DW Planet A: great little mini-documentaries on a wide variety of topics. The information is presented without much bias.
  • Real Engineering: deep dives into some of the most extraordinary engineering feats.
  • Alt Shift X: started out doing in-depth videos on the Game of Thrones books, but has since shifted to also doing analysis of other books and TV series.
  • Lessons from the Screenplay: Michael analyzes a (well-known) movie and shows why that movie does a certain something so well, and how the screenplay contributes to that.
  • Listening In: in-depth analysis of (mostly) film scores.
  • Thinking Basketball: fabulous, easy to understand videos showcasing interesting things that are happening in the NBA.

Well I really like real engineering aswell.

Tech Altar. He makes some analyses on the tech market.

Last year when I was (trying to :joy:)learn C, the channel of Caleb Curry https://www.youtube.com/c/CalebTheVideoMaker2 really helped me a lot…

And non-code, I like to listen to https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR592ZgKw-nBh42AZm4PzRw and https://www.youtube.com/user/DutchHipHopMusic(Dutch HipHop!)


  • anthonywritescode - Maintainer of several popular Python packages, he uses his channel to teach stuff. I found his way of explaining things really captivating, appeals to beginners, but even if you know something about a topic, you might learn some trick you didn’t know by watching the video. He’s not afraid to talk about not-so-obvious things and I love it. Mostly about Python, but there’s some general programming stuff there too. He also streams on twitch and I often watch his livestreams.
  • The Primeagen - I love his energy and the way he approaches things in general. His “real-talks” are really good as well as the more technical content. Very entertaining and motivating - he always finds a way to make me laugh. Makes Rust look easy.
  • Theo - Ex-Twitch employee, does content more frontend-related. Good channel to keep up with the frontend world. I also really like the more discussion-oriented videos, he might have strong opinions but also presents his arguments eloquently.


  • LinusTechTips - Great quality content to keep up with news around tech. Been following them for a few years now.
  • ChrisTitusTech - Some more advanced tricks and tips for Windows, Mac and Linux.

General culture

  • Wendover - Bite sized documentaries (usually around 20mins) about interesting stuff.
  • TomScott - He does a lot of crazy and interesting things!
  • Veritasium - Highly researched videos about random topics.

Other Random ones

  • WTF1 - For all things F1! A lot of content covering different parts of F1.
  • AnnaCramling - Pro chess player with great energy.

I agree with you @ErikSchierboom - there is so much good stuff on Youtube. I really love watching some regular channels when I have the occasional moment of down time!

Some of my personal favourites…

Mat Armstrong - he buys crashed cars and fully rebuilds them. Fascinating to see how he goes about things and he deals with really cool cars!

Rebuild Rescue - this guys finds old planes and renovates them - similar to the one above but really enjoy watching it.

Martijn Doolaard - this channel is by a Dutch man who bought a couple huts in the Italian Alps and is renovating them.

Alexrainbird Music - some great music playlists.

Paul Davids - if you want to learn the guitar, this is the one for you!


I see you are into things getting revovated :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Sorry…bad joke :clown_face:)

I have seen video’s of Martijn Doolaard, very nice indeed!

Haha…yeah there’s definitely a theme…

Fixing broken things seems to fill my mind :joy:

A channel I find myself going back to is Brian Will. I first watched some of his videos on

and most recently have been watching his videos on Clojure.


It surprises me the number of people I talk to that mention the " Object-Oriented Programming is Bad" videos. I consider it to be a very influential video at this point.

I remember watching that video when I was learning programming and some of the point didn’t resonate with me at the time. Watched it later with a lot more experience when I could understand the video better and yeah, an absolute classic!


I can’t believe I forgot this channel in my list, but I highly recommend the Kurzgesagt channel. It contains videos of about 10 minutes on a wide variety of topics (biology, science, etc.) and they’re all lovingly illustrated.


Freya Holmér is a brilliant teacher who does great work helping to get people inspired about Mathematics, which is something I also feel very strongly about. I discovered her last year because of her entry in the 3blue1brown Summer of Math Expo, “The Beauty of Bezier Curves”.

She uses C# and the Unity engine to teach game dev. She is also being affected by the likely approaching downfall of Twitter, so she could use some more support via YouTube.


EDIT: Oh, and since no one has mentioned it yet, 3blue1brown!

And as long as I’m here… I’ve already shared more than 1 video from Strange Loop. It is a conference organized by Alex Miller of the Clojure core team, but the talks are not focused on any particular language. I guarantee you’ll find a goldmine there.

I enjoy many non-programming channels as well, but many of them are related to socialism and/or transgender issues so I won’t mention those here :slight_smile:

But I will mention this one: HealthyGamerGG - YouTube He is a therapist who reviews mental health TikToks and stuff, and is incredibly compassionate and insightful. I also didn’t even realize there was such thoughtful content on TikTok, but much of his content is focused on debunking them.

Lex Fridman - Originally called the “Artificial Intelligence Podcast”, this channel has recently exploded in popularity and the guests have become higher profile, but what hasn’t changed is Lex’s highly empathetic conversational style. The way he is able to talk to such a wide range of people and ask such interesting questions makes him a huge role model for me.

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I just listened to Lex Fridman’s interview with Todd Howard and mister L. Fridman must do all audiobooks and voice-overs ever! :wink: :grinning: His voice is so calm and nice(like Bob Ross haha) Thnx for your tip :-}