What happened to Katrina's personal website?

Hi … I’m new but not new (been part of exercism for many years, but wandered away a couple years ago, before the Big 3.0 revamp).

Sorry, if this is not supposed to be part of the Exercism domain, but Katrina Owen had her own personal website for many years, kytrinyx.com, and just today, I discovered that it is now being run as a personal blog by some guy named Poynter, with no reference to Katrina or her work.

It’s relevant here, as at least some of the links here in Exercism that point to Katrina’s talks and other projects and stuff still point there, getting auto-redirected to the new homepage.

Is this guy working for Katrina, or did he squat her domain, or what happened?

Thanks in advance.


I’ve had less and less of a web presence as time has gone on, and I hadn’t updated my personal site for several years. I made the (in retrospect less-than-ideal decision) to let the domain lapse, and someone seems to have taken it over.

They have nothing to do with me.

I have a small resume up at Katrina Owen - kytrinyx (and now I see that RubyConf Portugal deleted their youtube account, so I’ll need to remove the link to that video, as well).

I updated the Exercism footer to point to that one, but I’ll do another pass through Exercism to see if I can find other places that link to it.


Hi @kytrinyx , thanks for taking the time to reply directly. Big Picture, less web time is probably a healthy thing.

I did find you still have your own personal GitHub Pages site online, too … kytrinyx.github.io … It still looks accurate, but it also looks like you haven’t updated it in a few years. Just FYI.

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I thought I had taken it down, but there was a lot going on around that time, so it must have slipped between the cracks.

Thank you!

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