What happened to the exercism/reviewers team for PR reviews?

I have a new PR in the Tcl track, but I can’t select the reviewers team to review it.
Is that due to repo permissions?

(attn @iHiD)

Reviewers teams are added on an ad-hoc basis to repositories that require them. I’ve added them to TCL now :slight_smile:

The reason for this is that adding a team to a repo automatically subscribes all members to all notifications for that repo, so if we added reviewers to all repos, you’d get hundreds of unwanted notifications per week until you went through all ~300 repos and turned them off! We have talked about writing a script that individuals can run that takes the before-state and then the after-state, diffs, and gives you a script to run to unsubscribe, but I believe we ran into issues with GH API endpoints being insufficient to get that done.

Happy new year btw :slight_smile: