What happens if no mentor takes my request?

Waiting on a mentor…
Avg. wait time: ~1 hour

I’ve made a mentoring request (Ruby track) 8 days ago, and there seem to be no takers. What now? There’s a big discrepancy between 1hr and 8 days. Is there something going on with the track?

What happens if no one ever responds?

There is an increased queue for Python and Ruby, there are not enough mentors to cover the increased demands. Although I recommend sitting tight (there are people in the queue who have waited 2 weeks), if it goes over a month I might be worried but otherwise more than a week isn’t too rare.

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The request sits in the queue indefinitely until a mentor takes it or until you withdraw the request. Average values are just that - there are some requests that go quite fast and occasionally outliers that take a lot longer. Typically the harder the exercise (or the solution), the longer it may take.

Yay for Ruby!