What if I cannot finish easy exercise on my own?

For several days, I am trying to solve an exercise in the PHP track, which is labeled as “easy” but I was not able to solve it on my own. Is it a good idea to get some inspiration from community solutions? Or what else could I do if I really want to feel some progress? Any hints? Thank you

Exercise difficulties can be hard to pin down. Exercises are actually ranked 1-10 difficulty, which is then bucketed into easy, medium, hard, so easy is a range of difficulties.

You can post your code here and ask for help. Or you can use the CLI tool to submit your code and request mentoring.

Thank you @IsaacG Well, just one more question: if I decide to post my code here, in the discussion forum, is there any channel or category of preference? Which category suits such purpose best? Thank you

That’s a good question… I’m not actually sure :smiley: Exercism Support or Programming sound like good candidates. Discourse allows for moving posts between categories so if it’s in the wrong place, it’s not a big deal.

That said, should we have an explicit category for Exercism exercise help, @jonathanmiddleton ?

It should be the language-specific category :)