What is a good workflow for solving exercises locally in RStudio?

I’m very new to R. I’m loving the track so far, and have learned a lot, just by messing around and looking at community solutions.

I am finding it a bit cumbersome to solve the exercises locally, and I’m pretty sure I’m missing something obvious.

There are two things that would help:

  • being able to stay in the solution file (not switch to the test file tab)
  • stopping on the first error

Right now I have figured out how to do one or the other, but not both at the same time.

Staying in the solution file

I found the function auto_test, and can run the tests with auto_test('.', '.'). This is a good start. I tried passing reporter=StopReporter to the function to get it to stop after the first test, but it ran the same number of tests as with the default reporter.

Am I specifying the reporter incorrectly?

Stopping on the first error

I found that switching to the test file tab and running the test suite from that tab does stop on the first error. This nice, but involves a somewhat cumbersome keyboard shortcut to switch tabs.

Is there a way to remap shortcuts? Or is there a way to run that file interactively without actually switching to it?


Is there some other way of thinking about this that I have missed?