What is your recommended resources for learning Python?

What resources would you recommend for someone new to programming that wants to learn Python?

Exercism occasionally attracts people new that do not know how to program but want to learn Python. See, for instance this topic or this topic.

It would be good to have a collection of recommendations for people in that category which is Python specific. Let’s hear what you got!

We have a list of resources tagged on the website for beginners, although many of them might still be tough for someone totally new to programming.

In particular, I have heard from learners that Python for Everybody is a nicely paced class, and has rich support, with videos, exercises, and (several?) books. I have also heard good things about Python for Non-Programmers. Automate the Boring Stuff with Python is a classic, but the free versions of the book and videos are getting a bit dated now.


Perhaps Real Python’s Intro to Python, but it may not be suitable for someone with no programming experience at all.

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As a tag-on to the others mentioned above, Harvard’s CS-50 is often tagged as being a great group of courses, with a lot of support and interaction. It’s been a few years since I focused in on them, so some things may have changed, but there are multiple classes under the umbrella, and they were (for a while) offering live Q&A’s, podcasts, meetups, videos and other activities around them.

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