What to do if there is an error in a test?

Besides modifying one’s code to pass, is there something a person should do if they discover an error in a test?

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Roughly in order:

  1. Try to think of how one has misunderstood the situation and actually the test is correct;
  2. Discuss one’s confusion with a mentor;
  3. Discuss the situation on the forum. (With code please.)

Depending on your certainty about there being a mistake it might be OK to skip the second step.


Perhaps not related, but how do we converse with mentors when our tests fail (which is a possibility in this case)? I can’t do it, yet when I mentor others I see that sometimes they’ve submitted failing code. I believe this is due to CLI submission?

Let’s, however, say we’ve solved quite a bit of an exercise in the Exercism editor, and can’t pass the tests - regardless of whether the error is in the test or our understanding. How would we move on?

You can use the CLI to submit code for mentoring.

You can post your code and errors on the forum and ask for help.

You can post your code and errors on Discord and ask for help.

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This is the scenario where you ask a question in the Discord #support channel.

There has been talk about adding a “I’m stuck” button to the web editor, but until then, we have discourse and discord for help questions.