What Version of Erlang/OTP?

What version of Erlang/OTP are you using to test our code?

Apologies in advance if I missed it, but I did look around and did not find it posted anywhere.

Also, it is a pity that the error reporting for this language is so stunted. I tried some of the lua and that one is much better. The reason I ask, in case it is of interest, is that I submitted two different solutions for one of the exercises; one seems to work fine on both my machine and the server, the other works fine on mine, but does something wrong on the server. Because at least one works on yours, I believe that the unit tests must be good. But because the other does not, my first suspect is version incompatibility. But since the error reporting is essentially non-existent I don’t know what is wrong.

The test runner uses Erlang/OTP, which version the test runner uses can be found by checking out the runners’ Dockerfile.

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Thank you, Thinkverse!

So this is version 22…good to know.