What's the number between <angle brackets> in Community Solutions?

When viewing all community solutions, there is optionally an angle-bracketed number, e.g. <>14 in the attached screen capture. It’s not immediately obvious to me what it is, and inspecting the element didn’t help. The JSON attribute is “num_loc”–which doesn’t appear to be “lines of code…”

Screen Shot 2022-11-15 at 10.28.15 PM

I do believe it’s lines of code, but not all community solutions have them. I’d assume it’s a feature that launched with Exercism v3 since randomly picking the Reverse String exercise on the Julia track, only the solutions within the last year have that marker.

Thanks BNAndras. I poked at a few. Some looked close, but I wasn’t sure exactly what they considered LOC’s. (NCSSs?).

EDIT: Hmmm… maybe so. It looks like it counts anything but blank lines, after poking at a few more.

Almost all of my solutions are from 2 years ago. Some seem to have the LOC marker, some do not.

@BNAndras is correct. LOCs and some old solutions probably haven’t been reprocessed.

For reference:

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When looking for a concise solution, it could be helpful if the Community Solutions had a sort by Lines of Code option (in addition to the Most Starred and Newest).

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Yes and I’ll also suggest some sort of hover tip for the metric…