Where can I find my private discussions?

I’ve been clicking all over but I cannot seem to find them other than by scrolling through my notifications.


I found it in the left hand side menu, at the bottom, under:

Messages → Inbox

The left hand side menu on forum.exercism.org, or Profile - MatthijsBlom - Exercism, or elsewhere?

It has been suggested to me that the private messages aggregate might be invisible to me because of my Trust Level being too low. Might well be the case, even though I do not see this mentioned in the explanation of trust levels.

If course I do not find this ideal. Might be a good reason for though.

We generally have private messages turned off in this forum, unless there’s a specific reason someone needs them.

In what sense exactly are private messages turned off? I am in multiple private discussions, presumably all at least two started by clicking the Message button.

Another way to be involved in a private message is by having a flag button pressed, and then a response by one of the administrators. That would have been the button that “started”, though for the response, the Reply button is presumably the button used to respond back.

The presumption is not as solid as one may think.

I believe what @iHiD is saying that private messages are limited, not turned off.

In which case you either have the flag that enables group messages, or the person you’re talking to does, or there’s a bug. Mind saying who you’re in private discussions with?

I initiated private discussions with Jonathan and Bobbi through the Message button on their profiles. I have also been approached by others.

I would prefer that this functionality stay :innocent: