Where can I find my solutions?

If I’m doing all my work through the web interface, where is my work actually stored? I was expecting to see a private repo in my own Github or something, but there’s nothing there.

If I want to refer back to my previous solutions, do I always have to open the exercise in the web interface (or through the CLI) or are they sat in a repo somewhere?

I believe they live in a database in the Exercism server. Storing uploaded text snippets via an external repository is not very efficient. You can find your solutions via the website or you can download the latest iteration using the Exercism CLI tool. If you want a repo with all your work, you can set one up yourself and “work locally” storing your files in your repo.

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(Sidenote: you two could be long-lost brothers based on your photos!)

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Thanks @IsaacG ; I did figure that might be the case :slight_smile: