Where to start?

I have a very small experience in C and JavaScript but I have written some scripts in Python some 5 years ago.

Had this crazy Idea to go and learn my laptop’s native tongue or the closest to it. How would you suggest me to approach it?

Do you mean some kind of assembler language?

What would you like to use this language for? This is relevant to your question of how to go about it.

To be honest I haven’t considered an actual use for that skill :smiley:
Got intrigued reverse engineering code some people do for linux drivers (the fact of it being done) and probably got inspired to take a plunge into programming by Darknet Diaries podcast :smiley:

I might change to C for a bit, since it is much more digestable for the start.

I tried the example of hello world in the tutorial from 0xAX/asm github repo - it did compile nicely per the instructions in the tutorial (did it natively on my Linux).

Then I tested it locally with the exercism suite. Instead of retuturning test results it returned the output of the programs themselves. Also when I tried to substitute the prefilled Hello World exercise with the version from the tutorial in the web editor, It gave an error I don’t remember anymore. In addition to that, the solution in the web editor didn’t compile natively on my machine.

That experience seems to have deterred me quite a bit.

Maybe actually studying C and then taking a plung would be a more fathomable way to approach assembly.

Yes I meant x86-64 assembly. The language assembler is able to translate into binary. At least on my laptop quite surely.