Which Assembly Language for "assembly beginners"

Hi there, I really want to start one of the assembly challenges this month but I am not sure which one is most suitable for me. I am a web developer (full stack) with JS and Python but have never touched any assembly language before. Naively I could say, “WebAssembly” could be for me but I really have no idea. Anyone with a bit more experience on that that could give some advice?
Thanks a lot, Andy

I’d say go for WebAssembly as it could accelerate your career and the learning journey on all will be similar :slight_smile:

I’d also say, watch the introductory video Erik and I did, because we discussed this question lots there :slight_smile:

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I completed MIPS and x86-64 assembly tracks, so I know something about those. I can also write code in ARM assembly (not present at Exercism). I completely agree – go for WASM.