Which C version or which C compilation flags

Hello everyone,
I am just new on this great platform.

Just wondering which C version is supported? which compiler is used with which compilation flags?

As an example strdup: error: implicit declaration of function ‘strdup’

If not mistaken for example C99 does not include strdup

Thank you for any additional info

Exercism uses C99. The solutions get compiled with the compiler option -std=c99. You can see that if you download the exercises with the CLI and inspect the makefile.

I think the compiler on Exercism’s servers is currently GCC-13.2.1 but that might change whenever the server admins or the maintainers want.

You’re right, strdup() is not part of the C99 specification.
Where did you get this error “implicit declaration of function ‘strdup’”?

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Thank you so much for your reply. It provides me all the info I was looking for.

in my solution to isogram (web editor) I was trying to use strdup o better strndup and got this message.

Anyway I have implemented my own version of strdup and move on with my solution.

I guess I need to move to the CLI for the next challenges.


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