Which exercises have the "Dig Deeper" tab?

Which exercises has dig deeper since, I think its a cool idea but I can’t seem to find any.

What do you mean by “dig deeper”? Exercises have difficulty ratings applied to them. More difficult exercises tend to have more logic/complexity and opportunities to do things differently.

This may be something that a particular mentor does with you, but there is no “dig deeper” as far as I know, built into the exercises. There may be some exercises that have this information in their approaches feedback after solving the exercise, as well.

EDIT: See the video link that Meatball gave above to see what the “Dig Deeper” is about.

The C# exercise for Reverse String has a Dig Deeper section that is implemented.


I just realised that not all users might be able to see all dig deeper tabs. Some might be limited to supermentors and maintainers. I’ve just deployed a fix that:

  1. Removes that restriction
  2. Allows you to unlock the Dig Deeper tag if you get stuck on an exercise and can’t solve it.

The tab should then show for lots of exercises :slightly_smiling_face:

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