Which version of Julia should I target?

I submitted an exercise that was passing locally, but on exercism it gives me a bunch of errors:

MethodError: no method matching filter(::Base.var"#97#98"{Base.Fix2{typeof(in), Vector{Any}}})
Closest candidates are:
  filter(::Any, !Matched::Tuple) at tuple.jl:380
  filter(::Any, !Matched::Array{T, N}) where {T, N} at array.jl:2534
  filter(::Any, !Matched::AbstractDict) at abstractdict.jl:468

I guessed I was using the wrong version (nixos still installs 1.9.4), but I get the same results with 1.10.2.

Is exercism using an older release?

Apparently, we are still on 1.8.5. I’ve tried upgrading to 1.10.2, but that fails CI: Upgrade to Julia 1.10.2 · exercism/julia-test-runner@d6cc1f2 · GitHub Any ideas how to fix that?

Nevermind, figured it out. Upgrade to Julia 1.10.2 by ErikSchierboom · Pull Request #102 · exercism/julia-test-runner · GitHub was just merged, so we’re now on Julia 1.10.2