Who can create tags in this forum?

I think whoever creates a new topic should be able to add tags, even new ones.

Is this ability currently restricted to admins?

This is what the “optional tags” drop down looks like:

with no (apparent) ability to type in new tags.

Depending on the addon used, creating tags might only be available from the higher trust levels.

HI @glennj - currently members who are at trust level 3 can create new tags. If you want to send me tags that you want me to create in the meantime then please do so.

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As a related note:

Will exercism reputation be a factor for the discourse trust level (or is it already taken into consideration) or will the trust level be solely based on discourse activity?

HI @NobbZ - we want to make reputation and trust level on the forum interconnected but are still in the process of implementing this.

We understand that many people have spent a lot of energy and time building up their reputation on the website so don’t want all that effort to be in vain.

Will keep you posted on progress for rolling this out.

It already is, yeah. You should have got level 2 rep when you both joined (which gives you basically all the privileges you’d want!) Jonathan can talk more about it, but we’re trying to tread carefully to work out who actually needs what, but if there’s things you need (like Glenn’s suggestion, which Jonathan is also going to open another topic on to expand on :slightly_smiling_face: ) then please shout, as none of us know Discourse very well, so it’s not immediately clear what’s needed or not :slight_smile:

We really need a (sub) category dedicated to the forum: requests, complaints, etc. Much like stackoverflow’s meta sibling.

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Hi @glennj - I’ve created this Sub-Category for Forum related issues:

Please use this for all future forum related issues.

I’ll also move this thread into that Sub-category.