Why isn't [insert lang] in [insert #12in23 month]?

The official #12in23 calendar has been released (check the video). One of the most common questions is “Why is X not in Y”, for example “why is Elm not in Functional February?” Which is a totally reasonable question to ask!

The answer is that we want to give all 66 languages on Exercism a chance to shine throughout the year. There are probably 20-25 languages that are great for functional programming on Exercism, but if we put them all in February, everything would get diluted, and few of the languages would get much air time. By spreading them throughout the year, we’re able to give each language more focus, with interviews, live-streaming, etc, which we think will give people a better, more enjoyable year-long experience.

If you see people asking this question, please point them here! :slightly_smiling_face:


Why isn’t Racket in Functional February #12in23 ?

Jeremy answered your question in the very first reply in this thread, the one directly above yours. Did you mean to ask something else?

I was redirected to this thread from another and misread it as an invitation to repost my perplexity, My bad.

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