Wonderful article and exercise - Elyses Destructured Enchantments

The exercises are so beautiful.

I loved the detailed and stellar presentation of rest and spread operator - many nuances became much clear especially since I come from python where the syntax and the behaviours are a bit different.

May I suggest that you add object destructuring also in the lessons as only array destructuring is covered now? The syntax of specifying only a few elements when destructuring array especially in function params can be also explained more explicitly as this knowledge is expected in the exercise. I learnt quite a bit after submitting my solution by reading the solution of @SleeplessByte - would suggest that some of his ideas are brought up to the explanatory article. If needed, I can do some edits and submit a PR>


@siraj-samsudeen I agree that object destructering should also be covered. We already have an issue on GitHub for this: Elyses Destructered Enchantments: Add object destructering and remove rest and spread · Issue #1501 · exercism/javascript · GitHub We want to get this one in first though: Separate `rest-and-spread` into its own new concept exercise (concept exists) · Issue #1500 · exercism/javascript · GitHub


Thanks. I have gone through the GitHub issue and also looked at the work done so far there. I am not sure why the PR is still not reviewed. Is there something I can do to move this forward?

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