Wonderful article and exercise - template strings and custom signs

When I started the exercise, I did not expect to learn anything new, given that I have used JS template literals quite a bit, but was surprised to learn about toFixed to display a fixed set of decimal points.

And I really appreciate how succinct yet clear the article was and how well-thought-out the exercises were - the shortest yet the most demanding intro to template strings I have come across. Kudos to the author!

I wish there is a some upvote/commenting facility under each article and exercise so that I can upvote and post these comments right there in the context of the exercise - a feature request :slight_smile: probably

Hey @siraj-samsudeen - thanks for your kind feedback and I’ll pass that on to the author who will be really encouraged :smile:

Have a wonderful day!

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@pertrai1 and @junedev some praise for you two!

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