Work on issues in exercism/website repository

Hello friends :wave:

I see that the main repo doesn’t support community pull requests, but I see there are tons of bugsnag issues and I was wondering if I could help triaging them? Basically I would like to see if there’s a guideline for the main repo, given there’s no Contribution guidelines, or if it’s strictly a “no no” having community contribution there.

Thank you!

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Hey! That’s a kind idea, thanks.

How would you be triaging them? What sort of categories etc would you be thinking about?

I’d be very up for the support with that, but would want to ensure it added value and made the best use of your time, so would like to plan it upfront.

I see that most (or all?) of the issues come from bugsnag, would I be able to access them to debug? For triaging, I would access these reports, try to reproduce them and develop a proper fix.