Workspace Warning VS Code Fresh Download Every Exercise

Must I do the same step for every exeercise?
Fresh download using CLI, VS Code gives a warning about the package name: “This file is within module “go/annalyns-infiltration”, which is not included in your workspace.
To fix this problem, you can add this module to your file”
Quick fix suggests use this module in your file
This is the content of the file:

go 1.21.0

use (

Would another fix be to instead use the exercise folder itself as the workspace? I have had similar troubles with several languages, and this has always fixed it. (In fact, I just do it always now.)

I opened VS Code in the exercise’s folder and the problem does not show up. Thank you.
Interestingly, I opened Code in the go folder, and the problem showed as well as the quick fixes. But when I clicked the quick fix, “use … in” nothing happened. Probably because is located one level higher in the exercism folder.

This is by design: exercise folders are set up as individual projects.

How easy it is to set up the track-global folder as a project varies between languages. Apparently, in the case of Go it is quite easy.

This is actually the case for me. Initially, I thought I have to create the folder structure myself but seems that each time you issue exercism download ..., the whole structure of the exercise is downloaded in your ~/Exercism dir by default.

Just added the folder in my VSCodium by firing codium -a ~/Exercism/<language>/<exercise-name> and I’m good to go, no errors popping :slight_smile: