Wrong error_message in Plane Tickets python track exercise

I observed that one of the unit tests in the Plane Tickets exercise in Python track has an incorrect error message in the event of a test failure.

I was deceived by the message that was sent during my exercise: https://github.com/exercism/python/blob/dc64b8f02ea89eb16e138d6996e81a962bfca7ec/exercises/concept/plane-tickets/generators_test.py#L47. It’s possible that the message is incorrect since it calls the method ‘generate_seats’ instead of ‘generate_seats_letters’ as it says.


@rodrigosantiag - Thank you so much for reporting this! I really really thought I’d tested everything after changing those error messages, but of course I missed one. I’ll get that fixed ASAP. :smile:



…and also, since you’ve completed the exercise, I would love any thoughts or feedback you might have to Suggest adding hint to first task of new Plane Ticket exercise, or any feedback in general, since this was newly launched about 15 hours ago. :smile:

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Hi @BethanyG !

First of all, thank you for the quick fix.

Honestly, I don’t think any modifications are necessary for the exercise’s description. I’ve been trying to understand generators for some time, and this exercise, with its description, references, and the exercise itself, is the most effective way I’ve found to understand the fundamentals of Python generators.

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