Yacht exercise not available in Scala track

I completed the other 4 exercises of Functional February in Scala, but Yacht is not available in the Scala track. Will it be available before the end of 2023? I kind of don’t want to pick a new language just for that one exercise to get my year-long badge.

Also, most exercises in Scala don’t have the starter template code (only a blank editor instead), making it very hard to use.

That will depend on whether someone adds it to the Scala track. You could add it yourself if you were feeling brave? It’s an exercise that’s in lots of languages, so you can effectively copy and paste it from one into Scala. I’m sure someone would happily pair with you on it if you like?

Yeah - that’s something also that would be nice to improve! Maybe something @kytrinyx’s generator could do?

I haven’t done any work on the Scala track with my generator yet, but if we know what the stub should look like I could whip that up in no time!

Would you post an example stub here in this thread? That would probably give me enough to either get started, or at least ask better questions :smile:

Thanks Jeremy. I will be happy to contribute to the Scala track, as I really enjoy it now. But I’ve seen that recently Exercism has stopped accepting contributors from the community, so how will it work if I want to contribute? @iHiD


We’ll accept your contribution if it’s adding this exercise to the Scala track :slight_smile: .

Then how does it work? Do I just make a pull request on GitHub and you guys review and merge it? Do I need to create an issue first? @SleeplessByte

@leafdulce Yes, create a PR and tag me. I’ll do the review and get it merged. Thanks for working on this!

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What is your GitHub username? @ErikSchierboom

It’s @ErikSchierboom, same as here and on the platform.

Thanks! @MatthijsBlom

Hello, I have created my PR (See PR #789 of the Scala track) according to this discussion thread, please take a look.
I could not build, run or locally tested anything, because I did not find any relevant guides about how to do any of these. Therefore the tests.toml file is missing. @ErikSchierboom

I’ve reviewed the PR!

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I’ve updated the pr according to your comments. Please take a look again, thanks! @ErikSchierboom

I just updated the PR according to your latest comment. Please take a look to see if everything is okay, thanks! @ErikSchierboom

I’ve changed my implementation to ensure that the CI tests pass. Can you take a look and start the workflow again? @ErikSchierboom

This thread can now be closed, as my PR has been merge!

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