Your favorite programming blogs

Share your favorite programming blogs here! Here are some of mine:

  • Troy Hunt’s blog: a blog primarily dedicated to security, but there was a nice series on getting a high-volume traffice website running on Azure (note: skip the weekly updates)
  • Mark Seemann’s blog: focused on functional programming, domain modeling and correctness
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I don’t have any blogs that I specifically check for new posts but these are blogs that I’ve enjoyed several posts from in the past:

  • Julia Evan’s Blog: It’s just a joy to see how curious Julia is about learning about and understanding computers and programming. Usually also very approachable, clear writing. You may also want to check out her Zines.
  • Jeff Atwood’s blog: One of the founders of Stackoverflow and later Discourse, which I’m we are writing these posts on. A neat little classic post is this one on SQL joins.
  • Joel Spolsky’s blog: Another founder of Stackoverflow, if you scroll down you can see a list with the Top 10 most clicked posts. The Joel Test was really important at the time to force companies to level up their development processes.
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