Z3 GitHub Repo : Fix typos in README example

Can we discuss fixing the typos in the README code on GitHub - exercism/z3: Exercism exercises in Z3. ?
I created a PR: Fix typos in README example by starswap · Pull Request #108 · exercism/z3 · GitHub

That track isn’t active. You shouldn’t be able to see those files on the website and there’s not much value in PRs there since it’s an inactive repo.

Hi Hamish. Thanks for wanting to help :slight_smile:

As Z3 is a library rather than a language, we decided it’s not appropriate for Exercism. The repo should be archived (which we’ll action now).

Ah ok that’s great: thanks both. I stumbled across the repo when trying to install Z3 rather than via the Exercism site or anything so it makes sense that it’s not active. Archiving it seems like a good idea.
Thanks again

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