A Donation per Brief Introduction Video?

Hello :slight_smile:

Earlier this week, @colinleach kindly committed to donating $50 for each Brief Introduction video that Erik makes. @BNAndras has now kindly agreed to match that.

I thought I would raise awareness of this in case other people fancy joining in too! Obviously, $50 might be way too much for some people, but any committed donations for this would be a massive boost for Erik, me and the team :slight_smile:

I’ll keep a list of anyone that commits here! (You can also commit with an anonymous amount if you prefer and I’ll list your name without the amount!)

(Original thread: Context is here: Mindshifting May languages)


I will join in but with a special rule (since I dont got a ton of money).

If the set videos I will give set amount of money If they video for set langauge is released before or under 12in23 month for set language.

List of language, with amount and month:

  • Swift, 5$, August
  • Powershell, 5$, September
  • Crystal, 10$, October

If all of them are completed before or under set month I will give a total of 25$.


I’m counting today’s test runner infrastructure stream as a brief introduction for my own purposes.


I’ll match the 50 USD per video made before December 24th 2023, up to 2000 USD (40 videos).


Erik’s props budget is going to go through the roof now. :grin:

150 per video isn’t bad. I also really do like them and would love to see them made!


Well I do keep my word, here is the 5$, I promised for the Swift video.

I might as well expand my offer as well, the current thing of the 3 videos will give a total of 25$ (now 20$). But I would like to expand if Ruby is done under its month (October), so will I donate an extra 5$ but that doesn’t affect the original “offer”.



First new video for a while (and $50 donated). So far, this has been cheaper than I expected, but I’m sure Erik can change this in the coming months!


:smiley: I’ll be happy to try and churn out a couple more


I don’t know how to know which videos are released! Is there a place where I can see what’s been added so I can donate :D ?

I see some (but maybe not all?) listed here on YouTube.

The YouTube channel has them all, but it contains more than just the introduction videos. Maybe the brief introductions page is a better location?

This works well for me. Thanks!

I just noticed that a “Brief Intro to C#” video has appeared on YouTube. Last time I checked, it hasn’t yet been added to the community/brief_introductions page. I’ve sent my $50.

I’m always happy to see more of these videos, and will extend my contribution offer into 2024 if Erik is OK with that.


Thanks for the heads up.


Thanks both! Where are you seeing that C# video? It’s currently still unlisted according to YouTube.

I went to the YT Exercism page and clicked on Track Introductions. It’s #16 on a playlist with a cryptic URL.

I thought it was one of the best yet! Are we not supposed to see it yet?

Watching Erik eliminate about 90% of the lines of code is a real education…

OK - that’s useful for me to understand. Thanks! It’s just not got the correct thumbnail or description yet. But I’ll be releasing it in a few hours :slight_smile:

Along with WebAssembly tomorrow too (Expensive week for you! :grin: :blue_heart:)