Allow going to exercise from mentoring

What do people think of having a link in the mentoring discussion that leads to the exercise being mentored?

This allows people to see other solutions and Approaches, which will effectively make mentoring better. For long time mentors, this is less of a problem as they might have notes for each exercises in the scratchpad, but for beginners, this feature would be really helpful, I think.

Current: image
Suggested: Make “Triangle in Python” a link to the Python track’s Triangle exercise.

Like the suggestion of a track-wide mentoring scratchpad, this would enhance the mentoring/being mentored experience.

Under the Guidance tab, there “How you solved the exercise” that takes you to your iterations. I don’t know what is there is you haven’t published you own solution.

Yeah. I only mentor solutions which I’ve completed, so that’s fine.

Currently, it’s three clicks - one to get to the Guidance tab, one to open up your solution, and one to get to the page. A click, of course, is… just a click. However, I do think a shortcut - directly to community solutions/approaches - would be helpful.

I’d go one step further. When working on an exercise, I’d like to :

  • see tabs for my solutions ( if any ) of the same exercise in different languages ( ie on different tracks ). Promoting learning multiple languages while not facilitating the cross-pollination is frustrating. I shouldn’t have to hop around for this stuff.

Just my €0.02