Always revert to exercise start


Is there any way to always begin with a fresh problem when going to e.g.<track>/exercises/<exercise>/edit?

The context here is that I’d like to solve an exercise multiple times, from scratch, and I’d like a fresh view with which to do that, and having to click on “More” → “Revert to exercise start” ruins that flow, and isn’t representative of solving-from-scratch.

(Maybe there’s a setting or query parameter or something that I’m not aware of? Couldn’t find anything via search.)

Exercism is great! Thanks.

Not “always begin with a fresh problem”, but you can reset the track.

See Python track - Exercise 'Triangle': can I reset the exercise? - #2 by IsaacG

You could write a simple tool that uses the API to reset exercises nightly or something

Or use git locally and reset it to “Iteration 0” as it was delivered. Many ways to make this happen even if there was not support on the platform.

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To be clear, this doesn’t work because you see the existing code for a second first?

You could Revert-to-Start right after solving it.
And if you want to see your previous attempts you could publish the ones you’re most satisfied with.

Yes, and the extra friction required.

This is what I’d do, but I want to make it as simple for the student as possible—learning Git and the CLI isn’t ideal.

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I think I’ll write a Tampermonkey script.

Which student is solving the same exercise repeatedly from scratch?

What’s the extra friction required? What would add less friction? (I’m just trying to get clear on exactly what is getting in your way here btw).

While minor, I find (aside from seeing the prior solution, which is the larger problem) having to click a menu then manually revert to gum up the flow and fast-feedback of solving and understanding a problem.

(I’m just trying to get clear on exactly what is getting in your way here btw).

I appreciate the assistance! (It’s evidently an idiosyncratic use-case; just wondering if something analogous was built-in.)

Presumably if you wrote the prior solution you’re already pretty familiar with how to solve it? You could also reset after you solve it.

It is the kata way of doing it. Every day, start from scratch and solve it again.