Clarify Exercise Methodology Required

Thanks for taking the time to reply to my suggestion.

I also take the same approach, but that doesn’t solve an exercise; it only gives you the syntax and right way to use a language.

Let’s try with an example. On the exercise Pig Latin on Python, which is marked as ‘easy’, the instructions clearly state the rules for the game. Those rules, I’m going to say to me, but I guess it’s for the majority of people learning a language, indicate that the exercise requires string manipulations, and a simple if/elif statement.

However, in the community solutions, the most starred one consists of importing the re module, using the map data type and lambda. All based on regex. I might be wrong, but I wouldn’t consider that solution on the ‘easy’ side.

Also, that same solution does not have any comments on how the person reached the conclusion that solving the problem in that way was better/more efficient/readable/etc.

Of course, now it would be up to me, or any other person, to google what that data type is, how to use regex in Python, and what the re module does. But I do believe that would defeat the purpose of following a ‘course’ or exercise based learning approach in the first instance.

Perhaps people are way more invested than me on this, but I would bet the churn of users experiencing that is high.

I understand the work required to implement it would need to be done by volunteers, and that is a lot to ask and work to do. I was only replying to the thread’s question :smiley:

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The stars may not be “best solution” and may be different things to different people, though. I star because of it being interesting, for what ever reason, but definitely not for “best solution”.

Interesting may be due to esoteric solutions, clever solutions, approaches that are not obvious, instead, or any number of other reasons.

This is the part that is now missing, the conversation through the iterations with a mentor.

This can be gained, though, individually, through mentorship, or through the automated feedback and dig deeper functionality.

But, again, we are assuming, I think, that the stars are a reflection of those the things mentioned, when that is not necessarily the case; better, more efficient (and in what way?), readable.

Also, the stars may not be a reflection of “the easy solution”. And perhaps this is a good example of this being not the case, as you have determined.