Defining 'Diary'

This is the first reference I see for “the diary”. Which/What diary?

Going by Wiktionary I’m guessing Jonathan is British/Canadian and means an American!calendar.

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As a US-resident Brit, I can confirm that diary/calendar causes confusion. And some friendly abuse from colleagues.

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That is helpful, but the question is still the word “the” and I would still not know which diary or calendar. (And since I maintain a calendar for Exercism, it would be good to know if I should add it to that one, if it is not too late.)

A post in regards to the meaning of ‘Diary’…I’d hate for anyone to be left out in the cold :cold_face:

In the context, I was referring to your own personal event scheduler / calendar that might be on your fridge, on a table in the hall way, even dare-I-say on a cloud server…something that displays when an event is taking place, as opposed to a diary where all your deepest thoughts are recorded (although why not record them on a ‘calendar’ :wink: )

We do, however, now have a publicly available calendar that one can subscribe to which shows when Livestreams are taking place, and it can be accessed by clicking on this link

@kotp you can keep the ‘calendar’ you currently maintain as it is separate from the livestreams.

In the context of the where I’m from (South Africa but with a UK tinge…I do have Canadian relatives as well…go Canada!) a diary can also be a calendar, but a ‘journal’ might be something the public doesn’t see, unless you plan on publishing it post mortem…

you would be correct! Interpreted perfectly!

Thank you for that link. I see that a live stream is going to happen in a few moments, from the calendar entry.

While there are links in the calendar entry, there is no link presented on where to go to watch said livestream. (Could be a nice add to that event, since now I have to go figure out how to get to that livestream.)