Donations in foreign currencies

Deriving from Brainstorm! How do we get more regular donors?:

It’s more of an ancillary concern than a direct response to the subject, but it does help make the donation process easier for foreigners.

I recently set up a $5 monthly donation through GitHub Sponsoring.
Having a French bank account, in euros, I have exchange costs of ~$0.5 (~$0.35 fixed cost + 2.5% of the converted amount) which represents 10% of the donation.

I will keep the donation up anyway (maybe I will go through PayPal instead) but I would prefer that extra cost going to Exercism.

Am I missing something?
Is there anything you can do on your side to reduce these costs?

For example, could you accept the donation in different currencies? The downside would be to have exchange costs on your side, I suppose. But the fixed costs wouldn’t represent such a high ratio.